The role of the registered nurse is to maintain high standards of professional and humane care with an emphasis on using those professional and personal skills to the promotion of dignity, respect and quality of life of the patients in their care. The post holder will be expected to act as nurse in charge in the absence of more senior staff. Manager or her deputy and help maintain the model of care based upon the principles of individualised nursing care.

The direct and immediate care of all patients in the Home and/or a particular group of patients in the Home. The supervision and control of staff during your span of duty. Liasing with the Manager regarding all aspects of patient welfare, staff training, development and appraisals. The introduction and promotion of quality assurance measures within the Home.


  1. To take responsibility for the direct and immediate care of all patients in the Home and/or a specific group of patients.
  2. The organisation, supervision and control of all staff during the span of duty of duty walked.
  3. The maintain and encouragement of a happy, homely atmosphere in order to promote a high quality of life whilst in our care.
  4. To take responsibility for the Home and property within, denying access to unauthorised persons when necessary.
  5. To maintain the highest standards of patient care adhering to the individualised care plans, following the guidelines agreed in the philosophy of care.
  6. To be aware of the company’s policies and procedures and ensure adherence to them.
  7. To promote positive working relationships between all groups involved with the welfare if the patients and work in a collaborative and co-operative manner, recognising and respecting their particular contributions within the health care team.
  8. To re-order supplies of prescribed drugs following the procedure set down. To check, sign for and record drugs on receipt in approved manner and to administer medication in strict accordance with the Home’s policies and procedures.
  9. To liaise with Manager with regard to patients’ welfare, on going staff training and developments and appraisals.
  10. To be familiar with the Home policies and procedures and their application.
  11. To act in a professional manner at all times, following the requirements of the N.M.C. code of professional conduct.
  12. To assist in planning duty rotas to meet the requirements of the Home.
  13. To aid in the provision of adequate levels of stock by adhering to the budgetary allowance allocated to their area of work.
  14. To participate fully in the Home’s quality assurance initiatives, ensuring compliance of all staff within the Home.
  15. To participate in meetings.
  16. To acknowledge any limitations of competence and refuse in such cases to accept delegated functions without having first received instruction with regard to the functions.
  17. Liaise with the clients own GP, hospital, relatives and other agencies related to the patients welfare.


  1. To ensure that the principles of individualised care planning are commenced. Maintained and delivered to the client.
  2. To help to devise a common code of practice in the Home through the innovation and improvement of techniques based on the principles of individualised nursing care.
  3. To take account of the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of clients and help to meet them.
  4. To inform the Manager of any conscientious objection which may be relevant to professional practice.
  5. To respect confidential information obtained in the course of professional practice and refrain from disclosing such information without the consent of the client or a person who is entitled to act on his/her behalf, except where disclosure is required by law or by the order of a court or is necessary in the public interest.
  6. To ensure that no action or omission on his/her part within his/her sphere of influence is detrimental to the condition if safety of client.


  1. Follows current developments and trends in medicine and nursing in order to improve up to date professional knowledge and competence.
  2. Help create an environment where learning and research can flourish.
  3. Help to evaluate along with Manager, existing nursing practice, assessing its effectiveness and up dating it as required.
  4. To contribute to such in-service training programmes that may arise.
  5. To participate in counselling clients and relatives as needed in order to improve their knowledge and attitudes regarding health, its recovery or even to a peaceful death.
  6. To maintain the highest positive professional image of the Home within the community.
  7. To actively demonstrate commitment to the development of the Home through professional and personal contribution.
  8. As the home is committed to the concept of a Quality Management System, all staff are to be aware of the ISO 9001: 2008 system and take an active part in the development of the system and operation.


  1. All care home staff who have regular contact with service users have a responsibility to ensure that:
  2. There are clear procedures in place to prevent, detect and control the spread of infection
  3. Appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained among the staff, service users and visitors
  4. The premises and all equipment, medical devices and materials are maintained to the appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Staff should:

  1. wash their hands regularly, including between seeing each and every service where direct contact is involved, no matter how minor the contact, after handling any body fluids or waste or soiled items, after using the toilet and before handling foodstuffs
  2. clean up any spillage of body fluids or body waste, such as blood, faeces and urine, as quickly as possible
  3. treat every spillage of body fluids or body waste as potentially infectious and wear protective gloves and aprons and use disposable wipes when cleaning such a spillage
  4. help to keep the home clean and tidy and to identify to the care home manager any areas which fall below acceptable or safe standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  5. use “sharps” boxes appropriately and safely, never over filling them and sealing them when full
  6. report immediately any injury involving a potentially infected needle or sharp or any “splash” incident involving blood or bodily fluids.
  7. always use appropriate protective clothing and equipment (e.g. disposable aprons and gloves) whenever at risk of coming into direct contact with body fluids or potentially infectious materials
  8. on no account attempt to wash and reuse disposable single use protective gloves
  9. wherever food is prepared, handled, stored or served, employ the highest standards of hygiene at all times
  10. always inform their managers if they are unwell with suspected food poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting or any other infectious disease
  11. ensure that soiled articles of clothing and infected linen are not carried through areas where food is stored, prepared, cooked or eaten
  12. ensure that all laundry machines, equipment, surfaces and storage areas within the laundry are kept clean and tidy and that areas used for foul linen are disinfected and cleaned after use
  13. wear a clean, properly laundered uniform for each shift
  14. co-operate with any waste segregation process implemented by the home – including the segregation of domestic and clinical waste.

This job description will be reviewed and amended in the light of changing professional circumstances at regular intervals.

A job description is not rigid but acts as a guide to the functions of the post holder.

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