Our care approach is  to develop a multidisciplinary team approach to continuous care.  We aim to attract and recruit employees who show a commitment to caring for the elderly and who show good initiative in their approach to providing such care. Here at the Northwest care agency pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of care at all times. We aim to develop quality assurance measures whereby the standards of care provided by the Employees can be monitored, assessed and reviewed appropriately. The Northwest care agency supports each individual in maintaining their dignity, self-respect, and privacy. Where suitable, we make it possible to allow each individual to be involved in the decision-making process of matters affecting the home through their personal choice. We have laid down in writing the ‘Rights of Residents’ to encourage freedom of choice. We have also made sure to arrange for the provision of informed, professional care in terminal illness, to support the individual and his/her relatives, giving such care that enables the individual to progress to a peaceful, pain-free death. Here at the Northwest care agency we involve all members of staff in in-service training programmes, ensuring the development of each person involved in such measures. We aim to strive to improve the quality of care we give and are mindful of, and committed to, innovative change. We make sure to be aware of the need to develop systems to measure the quality of care we give and encourage all employees to participate in quality assurance. We respect human dignity at all times, along with the basic rights of all individuals. Wherever is it possible to create and maintain a positive communication and co-operation with the statutory services for the benefit of those in our care. Where possible we try to preserve the pattern of life previously enjoyed by the residents in their own homes, and give encouragement to those who wish to pursue their religious persuasion, whether it is by church attendance or by visits from the clergy.

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